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Offline File Sync for Microsoft SharePoint® using SkyDrive Pro

Offline File Sync for Microsoft SharePoint® using SkyDrive Pro

Finally Microsoft has come up with a way to work offline with SharePoint files that is not only very simple and easy to use, but it also works with SharePoint 2010, not just the latest and greatest 2013 version of SharePoint. What is this great new piece of tech I hear you ask? Well the clue is in the title. It is called SkyDrive Pro.

SkyDrive Pro is just like Dropbox, or Google Drive, but is for working with SharePoint libraries either on premise or with Office 365. Initially SkyDrive Pro was only available as part of Office 2013, but Microsoft have now released it as a standalone download (You can get it here), and it will quite happily run alongside old versions of office. This is great news for users who cannot or don’t want to upgrade their Office suite just yet.


If you are running SharePoint 2013, connecting a library to SkyDrive is very simple. Just browse to the library you want to

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Document Sending rated 9 out of 10 by its Customers

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23 June 2013

Dynamics NAV


Trimline Interiors LogoDocument Sending customers recently responded to a survey on the Add-on, part of our Communication Management Add-on Suite, and gave it an average rating of ‘9 out of 10’.

The responses confirmed that the Document Sending functionality improves efficiency and reduces costs by simplifying document delivery in Dynamics NAV. The survey, integrated with NAV, was distributed using the Document Sending Add-on. 

This is what the customers are saying Document Sending:

"Quick and easy to use"

"Cost saving on manual invoice runs (both labour and postage expenses)"

"HTML email templates - bespoke for each document type and customer division. Emails automatically sent, i.e., invoices, statements, sales order confirmations."

We’ve reviewed each and every individual response, including the additional features that customers would like to see in the Document Sending Add-on resulting in amendments to the roadmap which will be

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