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Manufacturing Matters Interview with Thomas Sanderson

An Interview with the Directors of Thomas Sanderson

Derek Bradbury and Andy Briggs joined us for our latest Manufacturing Matters interview.

Thomas Sanderson is the UK's largest manufacturer and supplier of conservatory and window blinds, and a leading manufacturer of wooden shutters

Located in Waterlooville, Portsmouth, the company believes that in today’s market, it is necessary to invest in technology. This is crucial not only as it helps Thomas Sanderson to sustain its position in the blinds and shutters marketplace, but most importantly, ensure because this investment positively impacts potential and existing customers while also benefitting its staff.

Interview with the directors of Thomas Sanderson

Thomas Sanderson strives to achieve this through adopting a streamlined and transparent process for its customers. This is evident through its implementation of virtual reality technology to provide an innovative glimpse of how the company’s products will look in their customers’ homes.  

"This is enabling us to give the customer an experience that others cannot, and the technology means we can do it consistently", explains Derek Bradbury, HR Director, Thomas Sanderson

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Thomas Sanderson Manufacturing Matters Full Interview >

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