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Manufacturing Matters - Pascoe International

An Interview with Richard Watson

Chief Executive of Pascoe International

The next instalment of our series Manufacturing Matters, running up to the report we commissioned from Decision Magazine, is now here. Richard Watson is the Chief Exec of Pascoe International, the world's leading manufacturer of luxury yacht tenders. Many of you will not have the bankroll to know what that is, so here is an explanation! Luxury yachts are often too large to bring into dock, or at least prefer the privacy of being anchored off-shore. This means that they rely on smaller vessels (tenders) to transfer anything from guests to delivery of supplies. Pascoe specialises in manufacturing tenders to a level that matches the mother ship, which requires a huge skill-set. 

Manufacturing Matters Interview with Pascoe International



Manufacturing Better to Win

In this interview, Richard talks to us about the importance of being efficient in how they provide low volume/high quality goods, to stay ahead of the market. With high quality products made using a mixture of traditional skilled labour and installations using the latest technology, the product has become the one that people recommend.

Manufacturing Matters Interview with Pascoe International



In case you missed the first interviews, they were with ICS Cool energy and Morgan Contract Furniture.

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