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Reconciling Inventory in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Reconciling Inventory

Microsoft Dynamics NAV® maintains an accounting ledger for recording all financial transactions and a separate ledger to record the stock and movements of inventory items, together with their inventory value.  This should of course reconcile to the corresponding general ledger accounts but how do you ensure that it does?  This blog explains the process you use to do this.  The blog assumes you have some knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Please click on the images to enlarge them. 

Reconciling Inventory in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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Dynamics NAV 2017 Improvements for Finance and Jobs

Jobs and Finance Improvements for NAV 2017

We have more news from Directions EMEA in Prague, with some of the new features being added to core functionality to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. In this blog we discuss the latest updates for the Financial management and Jobs modules.

This blog will cover:

Dynamics NAV 2017 Jobs and Finance updates
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New Finance Features

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016® is the latest release of the well-known and established ERP solution for all kinds of businesses of whatever size.  As you would expect, the package offers rich functionality within an easy to use interface.

Also as you would expect, the new release contains a number of improvements and new features across the package and you can find out more about these here. This blog gives some more information on the new and improved finance features

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Posting Previews

New to Microsoft Dynamics NAV® 2016, you can now see the effect on the various ledgers within the system of posting a document or journal before it is actually posted.  This article explains how to use this facility.  The functionality works on any kind of order or journal but we will use a purchase order by way of an

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV® 2016 allows you to set up deferrals of income and expenditure.  These allow you to post transactions into a particular month but then spread the financial effect over a number of periods in a way you can specify.  This article explains how to set up and use this

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Is the Accountant Dead?

Is the Role of the Accountant Dead?

With finance software becoming cheaper, easier to use and fully featured, less businesses in the SMB market are opting to struggle on spreadsheets and leaving it up to accountants to sort out. With technology taking over from the basic managing of the books, how does an accountant survive?

We talked to our accountancy expert, Martin Coates, to discuss technology and the Accountant’s role in the modern age.

Is the role of the accountant obsolete?

Expert Q&A

What does the accountancy landscape look like in 2018? [For instance, note the impact of technological progression, regulations, changing nature of SMEs through remote workforces etc.]

Fairly turbulent.  There’s a lot happening on the geo-political level (Brexit for instance) but there’s also developments in the US, particularly the radical tax code changes they have introduced.  On a smaller scale, the pace of technological change is as fast as ever with changing work patterns,

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