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Specialist Tools for Charities and Membership Organisations

It's Challenging to Run a Charity!

Whether it is complying with the Charity Commission's Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP), or staying on top of your finances and producing a Statement of Financial Activities (SOFA), or even just making it easy for people to donate, running a charity is a complex and difficult process. Having worked for many years with charities and membership organisations, we have a great depth of knowledge about the difficulties of this marketplace; in fact some of our developers and consultants have worked in the marketplace. 

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"I've been very impressed with the quality of service from Dynamics Consultants. They are responsive, reliable and know Dynamics NAV inside out."  - IT Development Manager, Royal Yachting Association

Stay on Top of Your Operations

Financial Accounting

Automate as much of your accounting as possible with an integrated ERP system. Easy to use reporting and live updating charts allow for greater Business Intelligence (BI), but more importantly for you it makes it easier to report for auditing etc. Track and manage your accounts and make the administration required for SORP/SOFA reporting much easier and reduce wasted time. 

HR and Payroll

Use approvals and recording for standard HR functions such as holiday approvals. Keep control of staff records, skill sets, roles etc with fully integrated systems. 

Document Management

Use a SharePoint site with an architecture to suit your business to keep control of your documents. Features that could suit you:

  • Set up an internal company site for all of your company procedures
  • Intranet - keep all of your files in a structured and secure location
  • Keep customer related information on a secure site
  • Use Customer Portals to interact with your customers

‚ÄčIntegrate your SharePoint site with documents in NAV using Document Receiving and Document Sending, part of the Communication Suite.

Increase Your Capabilities


Membership management to allow for direct debits, customer relations, events management etc.


CRM and Fundraising

Improve relationships with your supporters and increase donations with effective and targeted marketing campaigns and good customer service. 


eCommerce Integration

Raise more money and reduce your overheads by integrating your "donate now" buttons and webshop sales with your back office system. Keep control of pricing and availability through your business management software.

Microsoft Supports Charities and Not For Profit Organisations

As part of Microsoft's corporate responsibility, they provide support to Charities by means of discounts on licence fees. These discounts vary but are in the region of 25% off licence fees. 

For more information on how we can help you to grow your charity with a flexible and integrated system please contact us:

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