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Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Development

The Flexibility of NAV

One advantage of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the ability to develop the software to suit your specific business management needs. The software system can be tailored to match your business processes exactly as you need it, ensuring you gain the most benefit from your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. It is also flexible to connect with your other business platforms, such as e-Commerce sites or direct integration with your Couriers. 

We provide economical and efficient development services meaning you can gain detailed customisation for your Dynamics NAV system at a cost effective price. You can develop a tailored system at a fraction of the cost or you can add further specific functionality beyond what you initially expected to achieve for the same budget. All customisations and developments are tested to adhere to NAV development standards ensuring stability and assured continuous use.

Dynamics NAV Development Environment


How Will Development Effect You in the Future?

A lot of companies have issues with their legacy systems, with several different platforms heavily modified in an unstable way to try to achieve what you need. This makes a lot of people nervous about having a new system with modifications, but due to the flexibility of NAV and the structure of the Microsoft methodology these issues are not there. We have provided upgrades to heavily modified systems and it has been a very smooth process. 

Our Development Team

Our Developers

Our Developers are fully certified by Microsoft and have decades of experience between them in developing in NAV, having developed in every area of the platform. Our Developers are also extremely experienced with integrating Dynamics NAV with third party applications.

Meet the Team  

Our Work

We aim to turn around development requests in a timely manner, whether it is a simple modification to a report (usually done the same or next day) or the development of new, specific areas to the system. We always ensure that we are never running at full capacity to guarantee there is a spare development resource available when you need it.

For more complex tasks, we will manage the process for you. We will act as the central project manager for the customisation to define the project plan, assign tasks and meet timescales to deliver the development on time and within budget. If required we will happily work at your own premises to achieve the most focussed result if this suits you better and it is deemed as necessary for the project.

Training You

To add an extra capability layer to your Dynamics NAV system development, we can train your own users with the skills and expertise to allow them to create custom solutions, processes and reports. This allows you to create your own “power user” team within your organisation, offering you more control over your Dynamics NAV system and resulting in substantial time and money savings. Please see our NAV training for more details. 

Examples - Barcode Scanning

An example of a tailored development solution we have implemented for a customer is the barcode scanning system we developed for Warehouse Management with mobile device functionality.

Repeatable Add-On Solutions

Our add-ons section represents examples of customisations we have developed to fit specific processes, needs and requirements. These are repeatable development modules with functionality that is useful for a wide range of customers. 



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