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Dynamics NAV Upgrades - Upgrading to NAV 2017

If you're investigating an upgrade for your Microsoft Dynamics® NAV system to the latest version, NAV 2017 including all the latest feature updates and newest functions, Dynamics Consultants will make the process as simple, easy and painless as it can be.

We recommend upgrading your Dynamics NAV system to ensure you remain on a Microsoft supported version and so you can make use of all the new features and functionality available. Doing so will allow you to improve your business management processes, make the most of your ERP system and get a better return on your investment from the software. Ultimately you will gain a better and more powerful system to organise and run your business with.

If you're up to date with your Microsoft software enhancement fee (typically included in your support package), then you're entitled to an upgrade to use the latest version of Dynamics NAV available as part of the enhancement. We can help you ascertain if you are already eligible for the upgrade and if available we will be able to help you with the software and system upgrade.

Delay your Dynamics NAV upgrade for too long and your end users will have to learn and receive training on a large number of system and software changes all in one go, which can be disruptive to your employees, leading to negatively affected business performance.


Feature Comparison Tool

Check out the Feature Comparison Tool to see key examples of how Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 has become even faster to implement and simpler to use. If you are on NAV 2013 or NAV 2015, take a look at our NAV 2016 page that shows the most up to date Dynamics NAV version and all it's new features, including new workflow and Mobile Phone capabilities.



You Can Rely on our Upgrade Service

We provide a fast, efficient upgrade service that begins with a review of your system requirements and a review of any existing modifications you have in your current version of NAV. Where appropriate, we will replace existing modifications with new standard functionality to make further changes and future updates to your system easier to perform.

As part of our upgrade service, we will notify you of any new features that are available, integrate the selected new features and provide training to use the new NAV functional areas, as required.

Customer Testimonials

After their successful upgrade to NAV 2013 R2, IT Manager of The Royal Yachting Association said:

"Thanks to Dynamics Consultants, we achieved a stress free and successful upgrade to NAV 2013 R2…..just what we expected.  We have been with Dynamics Consultants for many years and we had every confidence that for us the upgrade would be as smooth and seamless as it was, next day - it was business as usual. Although it may have been a little different for Dynamics Consultants, as we had over 300 customised reports that required upgrading!"

After their successful upgrade to NAV 2009 RTC, IT Manager of BPT Security Systems UK Ltd said:

"We are delighted with the service we are receiving from Dynamics Consultants. We upgraded to NAV 2009, Role Tailored Client, in April this year. It was the smoothest upgrade we have ever done and at a fraction of the cost quoted by our previous NAV partner. A quarter of the price to be precise! A brilliant team, we like their professionalism, attention to detail and realistic approach to the cost of modifications. To be quoted 30 minutes development time where appropriate is so refreshing..."

Costs and Timescales for Upgrading NAV

Upgrade costs and the time required will depend on which version of Dynamics NAV / Navision you are upgrading from, the number of existing modifications you have and the number of new modifications you require. Please note that we do not raise any extra charges for supporting the modifications to your NAV system once it has been upgraded.

Next Steps

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