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Courier Management Integration for Microsoft Dynamics® NAV

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Microsoft Dynamics® NAV Courier Integration

Managing deliveries, dispatch and shipping can be a time consuming process due to the manual nature of the tasks involved. There are many opportunities throughout the shipping process for a wide range of operational errors to occur. In the majority of instances, errors occur due to the "human error" factor that is an inevitable part of any manual process. We can integrate your Dynamics NAV ERP system with your courier to save time and reduce the cost of the shipping process.


What we do to integrate

Our expert team of developers connect the Dynamics NAV web services with the courier’s Application Programming Interface (API). This means that parcel numbers, labels and documents are all automatically produced against shipments, where possible. The system will also calculate the cost of delivery based on the weight of the order and update the appropriate records. Depending on the courier, we can also add an interface to add information such as the number of packages, proof of delivery requirement and special delivery instructions.

Experts in integrating between Dynamics NAV and third party systems using web services


Couriers that we have connected with

Over the years we have worked with a wide range of couriers, such as the early days where couriers such as Fedex would have their own specific computer designed to talk to their own system. These days it’s much more standard for companies to provide online APIs for us to interface with, which we have successfully integrated with a number of couriers such as ParcelForce and TNT. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV to TNT Integration
Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Parcelforce Integration


Integrate with your courier

To find out more and to see if we can save you time and money by integrating with your couriers, please contact us to speak to one of our team.


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