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Dynamics Document Receiving - Archiving for Microsoft Dynamics® NAV

Electronic Document Storage for Dynamics NAV

Save time and storage costs by electronically archiving documents against NAV records with Document Receiving+. Use the simple "Drag and Drop" functionality and direct document scanning to archive a document against the record. Set up rules for storing different types of documents in specific locations in NAV, on a file storage or on you SharePoint Intranet.


For Customers

  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Certified for Microsoft Dynamics
  • Proven to save time and to stop the loss of documents by automatically filing them in the right location
  • Follows the NAV record as it is processed eg. from order to invoice etc.
  • Integrates with NAV CRM to produce Interactions
  • Document scanning with OCR to convert files to searchable PDFs

For Partners

  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Certified for Microsoft Dynamics
  • Off the shelf tool to provide your existing and new customers with key functionality
  • Support with first installation
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Support pricing matches NAV Licencing model for ease of quotation




  • Drag and drop files on to records using the special Fact Box
  • Get images from scanners automatically
  • Scanning worksheet – receive multiple scanned documents at once.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of scanned imaged for better searching capabilities
  • Automatically store files in the NAV database, in a file share or on SharePoint (Including Office 365)
  • Store documents with SharePoint tags
  • Document links follow documents through the process, e.g. turning quotes into orders then invoice
  • Integration with Sales, Purchasing, Warehouse, HR, Jobs and CRM
  • Ability to Email and Save to Disk the stored files
  • Send received documents with document sending automatically, using the related attachments feature of Document Sending
  • Auto recognise printed documents such as picks with embedded barcode.
  • Store emails and attachments directly from Microsoft Outlook using the Outlook Button
  • Even create new NAV documents , such as sales orders, purchase orders or service orders

Watch the demonstration video to learn how Document Receiving can help you manage incoming documents. 

Taking advantage of the latest technologies, the Add-on provides a simple user interface. Users can drag and drop electronic documents, including emails onto the Document Receiving+ area. Scanning paper documents is a straightforward, one-click process.

Various scanning options are available, such as PDF conversion, character recognition for document searching and duplex scanning. Filed documents can be stored in NAV, to a location on the network or on SharePoint.

Document Receiving is especially beneficial for companies that receive large volumes of paper documentation or companies that need tools to quickly process electronic documentation whilst maintaining document traceability.


Document Receiving+ Outlook Integration Button

Our Document Receiving+ has now been extended to include a button in Microsoft Office® Outlook for easy order / invoice creation. Watch our demonstration video so see how Outlook Integration can enhance your processes:


Solving the Paper Problem

Effective document management is an important consideration for companies of any size and from any industry. Companies receive a large amount of documents, on a regular basis, from a wide range of sources. Managing these essential documents is crucial to maintaining efficient operations throughout a company. Aside from physical storage issues, it can be very inefficient to try and manually match up paper documents with contacts stored electronically on your NAV system. Processing and filing electronic documents can be a time consuming process with many opportunities for human error leading to misplaced documents.

With this in mind, Dynamics Consultants have developed an Add-on solution so that you can scan documents straight into NAV or drag and drop electronic documents from multiple locations into NAV. With Document Receiving users are able to quickly file documents and link them to NAV records, such as orders, invoices, customers or vendors. As part of our DC Communication Suite this add-on is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD).

Reduce paper and filing with this addon solution


Document Receiving and Document Receiving+ Functionality

In Dynamics NAV 2016 and previous versions, we provide Document Receiving and Document Receiving+. For NAV 2017 onwards we have merged the products into one solution - Document Receiving+ - with all of the features of the fully featured product and a lower total price.

Feature Document Receiving Document Receiving+
Electronic document processing including emails
Document scanning including PDF conversion, OCR for searchable text and double sided scanning
Document storage to file location or Dynamics NAV with parametrised file name
Document approval enhancements: links to Dynamics NAV documents included in approval emails
Maintain document traceability during posting
Preview documents in Dynamics NAV (i.e. PDFs, pictures, HTMLs) or open them from NAV with the appropriate third party software (i.e. Adobe Reader)
Document Storage to SharePoint: automatic metadata population, document assignment to libraries, and parameterised file name  
Batch processing of scanned documents  
Link to Document Sending - attached documents can be resent with our document sending solution  
Advanced Document Search & Export  
Outlook Button Integration - easy order / invoice creation within NAV  



ROI Calculator

Send time ROI:
Time saved per month:
Monthly saving of money:

The ROI calculator is based on the standard DC Document Receiving+ solution on NAV 2017 onwards, including installation, key user training and the first year of enhancement and support. Time to achieve ROI is rounded up to the nearest month and values are an estimate based on your typical values. Calculations are based on 8 hour days and 5 working days per week, 19 working days per month and 228 working days per year.  All prices are based on GBP. 

Download the Brochure

CLICK HERE   To download the Document Receiving brochure


For more information about our Document Receiving Add-on or to discuss anything regarding ERP, please contact us:

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