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Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2017 Fast Financials Solution

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For Entrepreneurs, Start Ups and Small Businesses

Microsoft Dynamics® NAV is Microsoft’s ERP solution for small and medium sized companies.

It is designed to provide solutions for every area of business and thus is a large platform of modules that can be implemented to suit individual needs.

The Fast Financials solution from Dynamics Consultants utilises the areas of NAV required to give small companies everything they need to start using a business software package.

Unlike some systems aimed at small companies, this solution includes the licence for all of the NAV starter pack functionality so when your company grows you can expand your system to suit your needs.



Watch the Demo Videos

Get a look at the product with our demo videos, which go over the standard functionality. Designed to give you a real feel for the product without days of demos or waiting for meetings, these videos will give you an insight into your future business. Once you have watched them you will undoubtedly have questions, so why not contact us to find out more?

Demo Videos


Where do You Start with ERP and How Much Will it Cost?

For companies new to business management software, to start with you just want an idea of price for a fairly off the shelf system. Because we have provided this standard repeatable solution, we can give you an immediate price rather than spend weeks trying to answer a lot of questions that you are not sure are relevant to you.

The price is low too! By saving time and giving you a fixed chart of accounts, Word templates for your business documents etc., we are able to cut the project time right down, including implementation, which means a lower cost to you.

Price Calculator



What's the Difference Between Standard NAV and Fast Financials?

Nothing! When you buy the Fast Financials package you are getting the Microsoft Dynamics NAV starter pack licence. All of the functionality is there, you just set up and learn each module as required. If you then grow to require Warehousing, Service Management and Manufacturing features you can just add the Extended Pack Licence as and when it suits you. 

The Difference is the Implementation

NAV is designed to be flexible to any individual company's requirements. A typical installation is thus an engineered to order project, which requires various levels of planning, project management and development for a truly bespoke system. However, for small companies who only need limited functionality, i.e. standard financial management, the requirement for project management and customised setup is neither required or helpful. To help save you time and money, as well as reducing complexity, we have produced this standard implementation. 


Implementation Requirement Engineered to Order Fast Financials Implementation
Functional Requirements investigation  
Project Management  
Customer Specific Setup  
Standardised Setup  
Go Live Support
Setup specific training  

Optional Standard training



Will it Still Work When You Have Grown Considerably?

The simlple answer is YES! Although we are giving a "boxed" implementation, this solution still includes all of the functionality of the Dynamics NAV Starter Pack licence, so when you need further functionality in your system we can work with you to implement what you need. In this way, the system truly grows with you, rather than getting to a stage where you need to spend a huge investment in time and money on a completely new system. 





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