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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

For businesses that are growing beyond the functionality of basic accounting software, Dynamics 365 Business Central provides an all-in-one solution to help you manage your business and make informed strategic decisions.  

With the right tools in place, we can partner with you to help you grow seamlessly from a small business to becoming the business that inspires others to follow.


Business Central Functionality

With a full range of integrated functionality, you can manage your company whilst getting an end-to-end view of the business operations. With financial management at the core, you can set up the areas of functionality that you need. As your business grows, seamlessly set up the tools that you require.


Dynamics 365 Business Central Financial Management

Financial Management

With connected data across the business, you can chart financial performance in real time with built-in reporting and integrated Power BI dashboards.

With budgets and dimensional analysis, you can get improved forecast accuracy.

Automatically reconcile streamlined receivables and payables accounts so that you can close and report quickly and accurately. 

Bainbridge warehouse - supply chain management

Supply Chain

Optimise your stock levels using built in intelligence to predict which products will need to be replenished and when you will need to place the order.

By using budgets, stock levels, lead times and reorder points, you can maximise your cashflow without losing sales from stock shortages.

With recommendations you can determine when to pay suppliers to best utilise supplier discounts and avoid overdue penalties.

Sell smarter with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Sell Smarter

Prioritise sales leads based on revenue potential and deliver value at every touch point. Guide your sales staff with structured opportunity cycles and report on the sales pipeline.

Act quickly by managing quote requests and processing payments, all within Outlook.

Operations - Manufacturing and production in Business Central


Utilising the forecasting tools, ensure order fulfilment by automatically generating production plans and purchase orders.

Track every item transaction and movement utilising warehousing tools such as bins, layouts and storage unit dimensions.

Meet customer demands by calculating and optimising manufacturing capacity and resources to improve production schedules.

Project Management in Dynamics 365

Project Management

Create, manage and track projects using job costing and time sheets. With helpful reporting and flexible budgets, you can make sure that projects are delivered on time whilst maximising profitability.

Plan and manage resources based on capacity, utilising data from orders and quotes.

Accountant Hub in Dynamics 365

Accountant Hub

Accountants can increase productivity and better serve clients using Dynamics 365 Business Central. Effectively manage accounting processes and tasks and easily access your clients’ data in one simple and easy-to-use dashboard using Dynamics 365 - Accountant Hub.


Business Central Pricing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is split into people with full functionality and Team Members who only have limited capabilities. For the full users, everyone will either have the essentials licence or everyone will be on the premium licence. Details of pricing and inclusions are as follows:

Team Member

Read and Approve

Run all reports

Employee Self Service

£6.00 per user/month




Opportunity Management



Fixed Assets

Purchase Order Management

Resource Management


Contact Management

Simple Inventory

Advanced Sales

Advanced Inventory


Warehouse Management

Project Management

£52.79 per user/month


Service Management


£75.40 per user/month


Accountant Hub

1 free user

*prices are accurate at time of publishing, please contact us for a firm quotation.

See the licencing explanation document >


Partnering with Dynamics Consultants

Just like Dynamics Consultants, Microsoft is focussed on partnership. This means that Business Central is only available through approved Cloud Solution Providers (CSP). With over 170 years of combined experience in Microsoft business solutions, our team will help to get you up and running, as well as building a partnership that keeps you supported, all from our UK offices.

We offer standard packages for getting started and ongoing support.


Getting Started Packages

Whether you are business software maestro that only requires basic setup assistance, or you are completely new to an integrated software solution and need full setup and training, we have a package to suit your requirements.

Our friendly and helpful consultants will help you to get up and running quickly and affordably.

Support Packages

Dynamics Consultants are all about partnership, which means that once we have you up and running, we won’t forget you.

Our friendly and experienced UK support team will be there to help keep your solution running smoothly so that you can run your business with peace of mind.


Contact the Experts

From functionality and licencing to business strategy, we like your questions; contact our experienced team for open, honest and reliable advice so that we can find the answers.

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