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DC Google Analytics with Enhanced e-Commerce nopCommerce plugin

Standard nopCommerce only supports the basic e-Commerce Google Analytics tracking. Our plugin replaces the standard nopCommerce functionality, allowing for use of Google's Enhanced e-Commerce tracking.

Google's enhanced tracking enables the measurement of user interactions with products on e-Commerce websites across the whole arc of the users' shopping experience, including:

  • Viewing product impressions
  • Clicking product links
  • Viewing product details
  • Adding a product to a shopping cart
  • Initiating the checkout process
  • Completing transactions
dc google adwords nopCommerce e-commerce plugin
See Google's help pages for full details about the Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce functionality


  • Easy installation and setup. Just add your Google Analytics Property ID.
  • Supports tracking of product impressions wherever a product is shown. Including category, brand, and search pages, and in related products and cross sell lists.
  • Supports tracking add to basket events
  • Supports tracking product detail click through events.
  • Supports tracking product detail page views
  • Supports tracking of checkout initiation
  • Supports tracking of completed transactions
  • Enables full visualisation of shopping progression on the website
  • Fully integrated nopCommerce Plugin.
  • Ability to set either Sales or Profit as the total figure sent for transactions.



User Manual


Plugin Screenshots

Configuration screen


Single domain plugin licence required. This means if you buy a licence for, then the plugin license is not valid for The only exception is for the www subdomain; if you buy for, it'll work with both and


Supports nopCommerce versions 3,40, 3.60, 3.70, 3.80, 3.90, 4.0
(Others available on request)


The plugin will run with full functionality under localhost. We can also supply a 14 day trial licence for your domain if required.


£200 GBP + VAT

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