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DC Google Merchant Center Plugin for nopCommerce

Standard nopCommerce only allows for a manual bulk push of products into Google Merchant Center. Our plugin allows for automatic real time upload of products into Google Merchant Center. The benefit being that your product listing Google Shopping Ads will be current and up to date, therefore driving increased traffic and sales to your website.

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What is Google Merchant Center

Upload your product data to Google Merchant Center, and let millions of shoppers see your online and in-store inventory. This tool pushes your data to Google Shopping and automatically creates the Google Shopping ads.

  • Upload your product data to Google Merchant Center, and let millions of shoppers see your online and in-store inventory via Google Shopping
  • Google Merchant Center is the first step to featuring your products in Google Shopping campaigns
  • Give shoppers a second chance to buy
    • Remarketing ads pull from your Merchant Center feed to show shoppers the products they’ve already viewed on your site. You can also add custom messaging to help jog their memories — and close more sales
  • Promote what you’re selling in-store to nearby shoppers - Local inventory ads use your store product data in Merchant Center to show up-to-date pricing and availability

What is Google Ads Shopping

Google Shopping is what consumers see on search results when searching for products – Google Ads provides a list of items, price and availability.

  • Product Listing Ads appear on search results in the commercial unit and on the right-hand bar with other ads
  • Shoppers can compare products and make purchases directly from your website or shop
  • Product Listings Ads are featured across multiple screens and applications. Reach customers wherever they are on mobile and tablet devices


  • Real time upload of product to Google Merchant Center.
  • Easy installation and setup. Once linked to your Google Merchant account, no further admin tasks are required to keep products up to date.
  • Simple mapping of nopCommerce categories to Google Shopping Categories. No need to map each product, simply map your categories instead.
  • Ability to set a specific Google category for individual products if required.
  • Background tasks ensure no products expire from your Merchant Center by automatically refreshing products as they near Google's 30 day expiration time.
  • Fully integrated nopCommerce plugin.


User Manual


Plugin Screenshots

Plugin Configuration screen

Category Settings Within nopCommerce

Product Settings


Single domain plugin licence required. This means if you buy a plugin licence for, then the plugin license is not valid for The only exception is for the www subdomain; if you buy for, it'll work with both and


Supports nopCommerce versions 3.60, 3.70, 3.80, 3.90


£200 GBP + VAT

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